Is opening a coffee shop right for you?

Is opening a coffee shop right for you?

Opening a coffee shop isn't an endeavour suited to everyone - and if one harbors images of a Central Perk-style café from a Friends episode, the reality of a coffee shop proprietorship could be surprising. Making a coffee shop successful requires proficiency, perseverance, and effort.

Many people set up a coffee shop without adequate knowledge or prior experience; it's beneficial to gain a background in the industry by working in someone else's café. No specific qualifications are necessary, yet courses on business acumen, catering, and food safety are advisable. Barista training is indispensable, even if employing someone else to craft coffee, and having an extensive expertise of coffees, brewing, beans and the entire coffee making process is beneficial. 

Entering the industry with a franchise is a simple process. A renowned brand and personalised training on how to setup, collaborate with suppliers, and manage employees will offer you a more secure foothold in the coffee shop business.

However, you may need to be prepared to invest 2-4 times more money in a franchise than when setting up an independent cafe. It may be wise to consult an expert to analyse your plan carefully before taking the plunge.