Six Classic Rules for Gym Decoration Design

Six Classic Rules for Gym Decoration Design
01 Highlight the gym logo

The brand can increase the memory of customers, and the fashionable and creative LOGO can be impressive. Generally, the location of the brand logo of the gym is reflected on the background wall of the front desk. The design of the background wall should not be too complex. A simple design with the logo of the gym can improve a lot of grades.

02 Location setting of front desk

The front desk of the gymnasium is very important. It should be located near the fitness area, so that visitors can visit the facilities without entering the fitness area, without disturbing other customers, and make people feel the vitality of the whole gymnasium.

03 Good ventilation environment
A good ventilation environment helps to improve the comfort of the venue. When the customer sweats during exercise, the indoor odor will not be circulated, which will cause discomfort to other customers.

04 Style selection and color matching

Thematic design can always stand out and achieve differentiated competition. The same gymnasium will have different design styles for different space needs, which requires professional designers to assist Party A in designing and planning according to the venue.

If the gym focuses on high-intensity training, the combination of bright colors and powerful colors is more appropriate; If the gym is a class that focuses on physical and spiritual meditation, such as yoga and Pilates, it needs a more natural tone to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

05 Use lighting design to create a fitness atmosphere

Good lighting can instantly fill the atmosphere of the gym, and create a positive sports atmosphere and high-end sense while meeting the light intensity.

06 Materials and selection

The fitness space is different from other places. The selection of decoration materials should pay attention to environmental protection. In addition to beauty, it also has both safety and functionality. Bamboo and wood fiber integrated board is the best choice, with zero formaldehyde, no pollution, green environmental protection, beauty and strength.