What should be paid attention to in hotel design and decoration

What should be paid attention to in hotel design and decoration
1. Ceiling design and construction. Many hotels will adopt the ceiling design, and many of the ceilings are suspended. In the selection of materials for this kind of ceiling, attention should be paid to that the materials should not be inferior products. The glass should be safety glass, and the connection must be firm to prevent accidents.

2. Lighting design and construction. Lighting is one of the main factors that directly affect the overall effect of the hotel. In the hotel decoration design, it is necessary to make the decoration effect of each location of the hotel different. For example, the lighting in the hotel lobby needs to be brighter than that in other places. The lighting in the corridor should not be too bright, but also not too dim. It is better to be soft to make people feel more comfortable. It is also pressure-resistant to install some wall lamps on the hotel corridor, The effect will be better.

3. Wall construction. The location of the wall construction of the hotel will also vary. For example, the wall decoration of the hotel hall must be made of non-combustible materials. It is better not to use wood as a combustible material. If it is a walkway wall, the flammability of the material can not be considered. The service life of the wall should be considered. Because there are many people walking in the walkway, it is better to use a dirt-resistant carpet and then paste wallpaper, which is more beautiful.

4. Walkway construction. The design of the hotel is also an important part of the hotel's decoration design, which is the only way for customers to go to their own rooms. In the design of the corridor, it is better to give people a warm and quiet feeling, which will not be full of depression. In the design of the door, it can be recessed into the wall to leave, so that when the guests open the door, it will not affect other passers-by in the corridor.

5. Fire protection works. The hotel is a public place. We must consider certain fire protection measures when decorating. In the hotel design, we need to consider the density of fire extinguishers to ensure that the safe fire passage is unblocked.